Survey Confidentiality

Confidentiality: All information obtained in this study is strictly confidential unless disclosure is required by law. You have the right to refuse to participate or to withdraw at any time without penalty. If you do withdraw, it will not affect you in any way. If you choose to withdraw, you may request that any of your data which has been collected be destroyed. If significant new information relating to the study becomes available which may relate to your willingness to continue to participate, this information will be provided to you.

No personally identifiable information is collected in this research. Therefore, your privacy will be maintained in all publications or presentations resulting from this study. Absolute confidentiality of data provided through the Internet cannot be guaranteed due to the limited protections of Internet access. Please be sure to close your browser when finished so no one will be able to see what you have been doing.

Questions, concerns or complaints about this project or benefits or risks associated with being in this study can be answered by Dr. Noah Lenstra ( If you have any concerns about your rights, how you are being treated or if you have questions, want more information or have suggestions, please contact the Director of the Office of Research Integrity at the University of North Carolina – Greensboro at (885) 251-2351. This study was reviewed and approved by the University of North Carolina – Greensboro Institutional Review Board office. Its official IRB ID # is 17-0060.

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